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Free Retirement Assessment

In order to maintain your lifestyle during retirement, many financial experts believe you will need 70 – 90% of your last year’s salary for each year of your planned retirement. Although this type of estimate will provide a general idea of an annual requirement, we believe in conducting a more thorough analysis. Therefore our written Retirement Assessment compares projected retirement expenses to income from all sources, including social security, pensions, and retirement accounts to help determine your retirement readiness. During the analysis we will assist in analyzing each spouse’s Social Security option, as well as Medicare and/or healthcare options. We also include the impact of major purchases that may be necessary in the distant future, such as another automobile. 


If you’re concerned that you won’t have enough money to maintain your lifestyle during retirement, or you’re concerned you’ll outlive your money during retirement…the written Retirement Assessment is for you. We beleive knowing where you stand is a lot less stressful than worrying about it.