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Thank you for choosing HG Tailored Financial Services, LLC (HGTFS) for your financial planning needs.  Taking control of your financial destiny requires an assessment of your current financial condition, detailed understanding of your financial goals and objectives, a customized plan to help meet your objectives, and ongoing maintenance/support to monitor progress toward your customized plan.  Based on the package selected (Basic, Standard, or Premium), an Onboarding Process will be customized specifically for your needs.   A general description of the Onboarding Process is below:

Onboarding Process

  1. Complete the initial Client Information Form.
  2. The HGTFS Financial Planning and Consultation Agreement will be forwarded to you for initial enrollment. Our AdvicePay System (invoicing system) will require your signature (include your spouse’s signature when applicable).
  3. Once signed, your first month’s invoice will be sent via AdvicePay; you will be billed monthly thereafter for 12 months.
  4. Upon payment of the first invoice, our Financial Planning Information Form and Budget Template will be mailed to you for completion.

Achieving Your Goals and Objectives

  1. Once the documents referenced in #4 above are received, your financial planner will conduct an initial review and contact you for follow up items and/or clarification, if necessary.
  2. Approximately 2 weeks from step# 5, your planner will contact you to walk you through the process of integrating financial accounts held away from HGTFS, eg, company retirement plans, investments accounts, mortgage accounts, etc, as applicable. He/she will also review and finalize the Budget Template completed in step# 4.
  3. Approximately 4 weeks from step# 6, your financial planner will present your customized financial plan with recommended action items. The additional services included in Standard or Premium services will also be reviewed at this time.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

  1. During month 9 and month 11 your financial planner will follow up with you to inquire on the status of action items identified in step#7 and access your decision to continue the relationship for the upcoming year.