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Goal Setting is a powerful process for motivating you to turn a “vision into reality.”  Your Financial Planner will assist you in developing SMART GOALS, a common acronym that refers to the process of clarifying your objective and  focusing your efforts, which we believe increases your chances of success.  SMART GOAL definition:

Specific -  clear and well-defined                                                              Grow what matters

Measurable  –  can be valued precisely                                                    One step

Attainable  –  possible to achieve;                                                            At a time.

Relevant  – aligned with your personal objectives                                  Little by little, your

Time-Bound  - have a specific deadline                                                   Steps will add up




We believe every successful corporation has a budget, why not you? After all, you should consider your household as a “private corporation.”  Creating a budget requires four steps:

  1. Identifying how you currently spend money;
  2. Evaluating your spending to identify “needs” vs “wants;
  3. Establishing goals that coincide with your financial objectives; and
  4. Tracking your spending to make certain it stays within those guidelines

After assisting you in establishing your budget, we will provide a tool that will enable you to track and maintain “real time” reporting of your spending.



We believe achieving your goals means you will have to deal with debt! Credit cards, student loans, regardless of the type of debt, we will help construct a debt payment plan that should help enable you to speed up the payment process and see real progress!  If you stick to a debt elimination plan, you may be surprised at how quickly each debt will disappear.



We believe that in today’s environment many people prefer to have their investments professionally managed. Our goal is to understand your financial picture before helping to align your goals with a custom financial strategy. Our investment management services include not only the ability to manage investments held with us, in many cases we can partner with another company and assist in managing your retirement account even though it resides with your employer. In either case we will conduct annual reviews with you to help make sure your investments coincide with your objectives and tolerance for risk.



Planning for your child’s education not only can help you to be prepared financially, it is also an investment in the child’s future and can be a wise decision.  With the cost of a college education continuing to increase, we believe the key is to start saving early and regularly. By saving for college, families can reduce their reliance on student loans, earn interest instead of paying interest, and potentially help your child leave college debt free. We will begin the process by first explaining the pros and cons of a 529 account, then assist in the establishment of an account.



How much money do you need to retire? You are investing in your company’s retirement account; - are you taking too much or too little risk with your investments?  You’re in your mid 30’s and would like to know what it will take to retire by age 55.  We will  answer these questions, as well as others, as we help develop your personalized “long range retirement financial plan.”  The plan looks at critical components of your personal finances, e.g., investments, income, monthly expenses, debt, taxes, inflation, medical cost, and more, to help project the probability of a successful retirement. When changes are necessary, we will construct an action plan to help get you on course and meet with you periodically to help you continue your journey.



Life has a way of throwing surprises at you when you least expect it. The risk and uncertainty of life’s perils can be  managed through the purchase of insurance.  During our ‘insurance needs and analysis’ review, we’ll identify potential exposures to your current condition then recommend alternatives to help mitigate potential exposures.  Inadequate insurance protection can be a leading cause of financial issues and/or bankruptcy today. Protect your family and yourself!



Our personal app help enable you to take control of your money by maintaining “real time” reporting of your financial activity. See your accounts in one place, right from your phone:

  • Compare monthly spending to your monthly expense budget;
  • Monitor all investment activity, regardless of where investments are located (company’s retirement plan, investments at our company, etc);
  • Bank savings and/or checking accounts;
  • Credit cards, debit cards;
  • Mortgage balance



The Vault is a secure location to store copies of critical documents such as Wills, Power of Attorney Documents, Passports, Deeds, etc. You will have the ability to store or download documents with ease.